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KPZ News - last updated 27-Aug-04

KPZ Schools and Institute Joins Worldwide Classroom (04-Jun-02)

The Worldwide Classroom Consortium allows prospective students to search for information about learning opportunities on a global basis. Within days of joining the consortium, KPZ was receiving requests for information on courses and programs from US, China and Europe.

Eurécom Institute renews two KPZ contracts for new manager training (July-04)

For the third year running, Eurécom Institute in Sophia Antipolis, France has chosen KPZ to provide training to its Masters degree technical students. Between Oct-04 and Feb-05, KPZ will deliver the 'Introduction to Management' to some 45 students at Eurecom. Based on the well-known 'New Manager School' the 'Introduction to Management' course covers 42 hours of classroom-based lectures, KPZ-authored case studies, exercises. Learning outcomes are tested through exercises and examinations, while immediate two-way feedback is obtained through the completion of 'Learning Logs'. Each year KPZ carefully reviews its training material and approach

In early 2005, KPZ will again deliver the 'Business Simulation' course at Eurécom. As an optional course (worth a full-class credit), it is gratifying that last year almost all students opted to take this course. The student body is increased to some 60 in January each year as partner schools send their students for second year training. The 'Business Simulation' course enables student teams to manage international companies in the computer chip and computer manufacturing business to compete and cooperate in a constantly changing and challeging international environment. KPZ earns high marks from students and the school for the learning experiences gained on this course.

Theseus renews KPZ contracts for the MBA prgram teaching (Aug-04)

Following its merger with the EDHEC Business School of France, the top-ranked Theseus Internatinal Management Institute MBA program has again selected KPZ's Ken Popet to deliver a number of programs during the 2004/5 school year, including: Team Building event facilitation, Business Simulation, Presentation Skills, and Career Counseling.